ASF UDC Clerk (BPS-13) Written Test Syllabus 2023

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ASF UDC Clerk (BPS-13) Written Test Syllabus 2023

ASF Upper Division Clerk UDC (BPS-13) Written Test Syllabus 2023

As all you know that ASF department announced physical and written test procedure to examine the candidates physical and medical condition, after Physical and Medical test, Written test will be held very soon for qualified candidates which are expected to be started from November 2023, Those candidates who have passed the Physical and Medical Test should start preparation for their written test which will be held by ASF.

Airport Security Forces – ASF Syllabus 2023

All of you are preparing to realize your dream of working in the Airport Security Forces ASF, to help you prepare better, we are giving you ASF Updated Syllabus MCQs with solutions and Past Papers for the Preparation of the latest announced Jobs batch 2023. ASF goes through past papers and practices them to know the type of questions and the difficulty level of the exam.

The ASF – Airport Security Forces have been working as a civilian Aviation Security Department in Pakistan. ASF is the oldest and Largest Aviation Security department in Pakistan. All Appointments and supervision of its operations are authorized by the Federal government’s Prime Minister of Pakistan.

ASF UDC Clerk (BPS-13)

Total Marks:  50

Total MCQs:  50

Total Time:  60 minutes

Test Medium:  English + Urdu (MCQs Base)

Negative Marking:  No

UDC Clerk (BPS-13) Test Syllabus 2023

S. NoSubjectPercentage
2Pak Studies10
3General Knowledge05
4Everyday Science05
6Islamic Studies05
7ASF Act 1975 / Jobs Related10

Written Test Syllabus for ASF UDC Clerk (BPS-13) Post

Candidates are advised not only to depend on these question papers but also to make their own efforts for the examination preparation. These Past Papers will help you to know the paper pattern. Preparation of these ASF Question Papers to increase the level of confidence of the candidate and the confidence level of the exam.

The ASF exam syllabus for the Post of ASI is not fixed and may vary from exam to exam, but looking at ASF’s previous pattern UDC Clerk (BPS-13) papers Through FPSC and ASF Testing Service, you can imagine what sections will be included in this paper.

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ASF Written Test Syllabus

Some new candidates who first appeared in the FPSC and ASF own test were confused and asked what the ASI ASF paper would be like.

General knowledge and preview FPSC and preparation and other exams.

Preview MCQs suggest important daily news, events, and sports.

 Islamic Study 

  • Basic Information about Holly Quran
  • Basic Information about Hadith & Sunnah
  • Basic Information about Sharia Law:
  • Inheritance
  • Qisas & Dlyat
  • Tazir
  • Zakat System.
  • Famous Personalities (Warriors, Sahaba, Scientists, Kings, Scholars).
  • Life of the Holy Prophet (P.B.U.H).
  • Khilafat-e-Rashida.
  • Early Battles of Islam Including Ghazwat.
  • Famous Islamic Books.
  • Islamic countries & cities.
  • IOC.
  • Questions about Hall.
  • Questions about Roza/Ramzan.
  • Questions about Angels, revealed books.
  • Questions about the Siah e sitta.
  • Questions about the Islamic conquest of Spain.
  • Events about Earlier Prophets.
  • Famous Islamic Landmarks.
  • Famous Islamic learning centers
  • Questions about the Ummayads and Abbasi Empire.
  • Spread of Islam in India and Pakistan

 General Knowledge 

  • World Geography.
  • World demography.
  • Major Forests.
  • Major Historical places and archeological sights.
  • Major deserts.
  • Famous rivers, Lakes, Seas.
  • Green which marine time (locations latitude loositnte).
  • Human Anatomy.
  • Scientific discoveries & Inventions.
  • International Organizations.
  • International Treaties.
  • Interpol.
  • Head of States.
  • World Wars and international conflicts.
  • International Sports events.
  • Famous International living personalities.
  • Noble winners.
  • Abbreviations.
  • Vaccines Medicines.
  • Internet related Information.


  • Completion of the sentence.
  • Vocabulary.
  • Antonyms.
  • Synonyms.
  • Comprehension on the basis of the given para.
  • Sentence Correction.
  • Precise Writing.
  • Report writing.
  • Idioms.
  • Pire of words.

Pakistan Study

  • Geography of Pakistan.
  • Dams in Pakistan.
  • Deserts in Pakistan.
  • Mountains in Pakistan.
  • Ports in Pakistan.
  • Forests in Pakistan.
  • Wars fought by Pakistan.
  • Presidents, Prime Ministers, Chief Ministers, and Governors In Pakistan.
  • Head of Institutions, SCP, Senate, National Assembly, State Bank, Army, Air Force, Navy, etc.).
  • Constitutional Amendments (Basics) and History.
  • Islamic Provisions in Pakistan’s Constitution and Laws (Zakat Ordinance).
  • Economy of Pakistan (Infrastructure development (CPEC), Motorways, Highways, Energy projects, water projects, circular debt, GDP.
  • Life of Quald-e-Azam.
  • Life of Allama Iqbal.
  • Pakistan’s International Treaties (CENTO, SCD, SAARC, ECO, etc.).
  • Main events of the Pakistan movement (creation of Muslim League, Partition of Bengal, Lucknow Pact, Khilafat Movement Nehru Report & 14 Points, Round table conference.
  • 1973 Elections, Lahore Resolution, 1946 election, Partition plan.
  • Sports in Pakistan.
  • National Symbols Including military.
  • Kashmir Problem.
  • Agriculture In Pakistan.
  • Scientists In Pakistan Including personalities.
  • Books about Pakistan


  • Word Problems.
  • Arithmetic questions.
  • Diagnostic tests
  • Graphs
  • Ratio


  • Basic Hardware components.
  • RAM and ROM difference.
  • Basic abbreviation used in computer CCPU, Al.
  • MS Word, MS Excell, MS PowerPoint.
  • Basic Computer terminology.
  • Internet and Social Media

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